Are you looking for custom car air fresheners ? We are the solution

Custom car air fresheners.

Our 15 years of experience in automotive odor production is the success of your promotion with customized odorizers. Perhaps the best way to promote a brand, their olfactory power is unquestionable. Along with an excellent design that blends in the most diverse shapes and the best-chosen color combinations, the smell of these products gives an incredible power to this promotion method. Who can say that it has not passed a perfumed car smell, in the most common cases, the classic beard, without touching it and smelling it. A wide range offered in the most varied shapes and flavors is the guarantee of success in promoting the most outstanding product or brand. Do not hesitate to contact us to convince you.


This site gives you an overview of our company’s creation and production capabilities in the field of perfume braids. Our perfumed beauties will refresh your air for over six weeks. We hope that through the range of flavors and design lines we will satisfy both your aesthetic sense and your perfume preferences. We can make customizations of your braces, which can take almost any form. The order ensures the desired essence / essences, which gives a high degree of personalization of the ordered products. Perfumed beads represent a new and modern form of promotion with a major impact on the company’s development. Use it!

Why choose customized car odorants as a means of promotion?

Beautiful scents / fragrances

The richest offer of aromas on the market of air fresheners, special flavors produced by prestigious companies from abroad. Not only pleasant and pampered, but also longer shelf life.

Multiple forms and dimensions

Shaped shapes (customized as needed). They can take shapes from the simplest geometric and up to everything you can imagine our client.

Bright and shiny colors

Pantone® codes and the quality of the screen printing inks provided by us provide the quality assurance and satisfaction of the most demanding customers.

Pine volatile oil

calms the nervous system, releases the airways, decontracts the muscles, fights the car’s sick

Did you know?

… did the Arabs invent the alambic in the 7th century, obtaining numerous volatile oils on this path, from natural aromatic products?


Different scents


Years of experience


Happy clients


Forms and dimensions